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Commandant (Actg.)

Major Marlon Levy

Deputy Commandant (Actg.)

Major (Maj) Marlon Jermaine Levy, a full-time employee at Cayman Islands Cadet Corps.

Lieutenant Romaine Edman

Staff Officer Administration - SO2 C1/C4/C8

Lt Romaine Natalie Edman has been a member of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps since 2006

Lieutenant Anneka Whyte

Staff Officer Alpha Company - SO2 C3

Lt Whyte

Lieutenant Craig Palmer

Staff Officer Bravo Company - SO2 C3

Lt Palmer

Major Ricardo O. Henry

Regional and International Liaison Officer

Major Henry, is attached to HQ in a consultative capacity. He was Actg Comdt 2018-19; DComdt 2017-19

Lieutenant Commander Robert Sutherland

Officer i/c Marine Detachment

Sutherland is a former member of the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard.

Captain Alphanso Gayle


Capt Gayle is responsible for the care and control of uniforms, equipment, and materials in the Corp