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Fire Arms Policy



The Cadet Corps use of weapons exists in three main areas of the programme:


  1. Drill – The disabled Lee Enfield Rifle is used with cadets participating in Colour Drill on National Parades and within three months prior to the International Cadet Corp Challenge. Only to be used by Cadets selected to attend ICCC.
  2. Skill at Arms (SAA) – The disabled Lee Enfield Rifle is used with Cadets who are taught to handle weapons in a safe environment and follow the procedures laid down by the United Kingdom Cadets (Army Cadet Force (ACF)). This is enables them to pass the relevant military syllabus and counts towards their BTEC qualification.
  3. Marksmanship – Senior cadets use the .22 Rifle (small bore) to develop shooting skills on the relevant shooting range which allows them to participate in regional and international competitions with other cadets. Cadets going abroad are to be prepared three months ahead of their departure for competition. This program is conducted in a very strict and controlled environment by instructors who are certified to do so having completed the require Pamphlet 21 course or refresher or such other course taught by certified personnel, authorized by the Commandant.
  4. Field craft – In order to complete the senior cadet syllabus and gain an overall BTEC, cadets must do field craft activities. This does not include the carrying of a firearm. Cadets must have passed the relevant SSA and Marksmanship tests to do this even though no ammunition is involved.

The Cadet Corps uses small bore weapons (.22) for purposes indicated above.


Authorization to use and move Firearms

Authorization to use and move firearms is vested in the Commandant. All Instructors will be authorized and re-certified annually based on ACF policy after satisfying the Commandant that they have completed the authorized UK MOD Pamphlet 21 Course or refresher or such other course taught by certified personnel, authorized by the Commandant. A certificate will be presented to verify competence achieved. Only authorized instructors will conduct SAA and Marksmanship lessons.


Occasions (Parades) or lessons (SAA, Marksmanship or field craft) requiring firearms use must be requested in triplicate on the designated form and requisition for weapons must be signed by the Commandant and endorsed with the CICC stamp.