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Recruitment Process

Stage 1:

Issue Complete application form.


Stage 2:

Once forms are returned verify Checklist: Completed form should be submitted with completed medical; 2 most recent school reports; 2 passport size pics (one for application form the other for medical). Forms submitted without these are INCOMPLETE. Recruit should NOT be allowed to begin without them. Record date the form was received in gray box at the top.


Stage 3:

Contact interviewers (Cadet Corps commissioned officers preferably Detachment Commanders or Company Commanders and an HQ staff member if possible) to establish available dates. Set a date for interview.


Stage 4:

Print interview Form (double sided on one sheet of paper) and attach to recruit application form.


Stage 5:

Once interview is completed, interviewer should complete form and hand to Admin Officer who will assign a regimental number (pencil) beginning with the letter “R” (numbers are found in the regimental register on the L Drive. At the end of basic training the R will be replaced by “cc”. If the recruit does not complete basic training the number goes back into circulation. The admin officer should then pass file to the Training Officer for review and acceptance. For cadets joining at 16yrs with less than 2 years in school, the Commandant will review and countersign acceptance. RECRUITS SHOULD BE GIVEN THE UNIFORM POLICY AND CODE OF CONDUCT AND REQUIRED TO SIGN AT THE END OF THE INTERVIEW.


Stage 6:

Recruit should be contacted and told to wear white t-shirt and blue Jeans. After one month they will be given the CICC PT shirt and pants. At the end of recruit training they will receive other uniform items.


Stage 7:

Interview forms should be marked “CONFIDENTIAL” and passed to the Officer or NCO in charge of Recruit training for consideration going forward. The Training Officer should also organize a meeting with the Trainers to agree upon the training programme and other social concerns for each batch.