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Uniform Policy


1.   Parents/Guardians are expected to pay a one time administrative fee of CI$150.00.This Fee is a contribution towards:  

      (a) Recruitment administrative costs  
      (b) All sets of uniform (dress uniform, physical training uniform, and field wear uniform) excluding regulation footwear which must be purchased by parent. 
2. When a uniform becomes too small it must be returned and a larger uniform will be issued.  
3. Uniforms are the property of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps and should be returned at the end of the cadet’s participation in the Cadet Corps.


Loss & Care of Uniform

4.  Damaged uniforms will be paid for in full before a new uniform is issued.Cadets will pay twice the cost of the item of uniform lost and increments thereafter for any subsequent loss.
5.   All uniforms must be dry cleaned, (except for personal training kit).


Please note that the CI$150.00 admin fee MUST be paid. When a cadet leaves the Corps, uniforms and equipment must be returned. If a parent cannot make a one time payment, arrangements can be made for installed payments. Receipts will be issued when full payments are made.


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