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Cadet Corps honoured facilitated by the Governor

Oct 30, 2012

Caribbean Cadet Medal:

(for outstanding contribution to the development of cadetting in the region through local or regional effort)

  • Lt.Col. B.R.T. O'Garro, Commandant, Cayman Islands Cadet Corps

  • Maj Ricardo O. Henry, Adjutant Training Officer; Chairman Caribbean Cadet Training Manual Team (2008-2010)

  • Lt. Cdr. Robert Sutherland, Commandant Caribbean Cadet Camp 2012

  • Mr. David Baines, Commissioner of Police, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
  • WO2 Ian Richards, RQMS, CICC

Long Service:

(for good conduct and long service given @ 7, 12 and 21 years of proven and unbroken  cadetting service) (dates indicated are at time of issuance)

  • Lt. Col. Bobeth O'Garro (2002-2012)
  • Maj Ricardo Henry, (2003-2012)
  • Capt Dave Thompson (2002-2012)
  • 2Lt. Teresita T. Ebanks (2002-2012)
  • WO2 Ian Miller (2003-2012)
  • CPO Mario Garraway (2005-2012)
  • SSgt Jonassi Swaby (2005-2012)

Distinguished & Meritorious Service

(for persons who have 5 continuous years of distinguished and meritorious service. Cadets may also qualify if they have service distinguished (by faithful loyalty and extensive involvement) and meritorious in nature, who by virtue of their imminent discharge as per birthday or personal development pursuits may not qualify for the long service medal.


  • Lt Col Bobeth O'Garro
  • Maj Ricardo O. Henry
  • Capt Dave Thompson
  • Capt. Phillip Manyeh
  • Lt. Alphanso Gayle
  • WO2 Ian Richards
  • SSgt. Owen Harris
  • PO Christopher Smith
  • Mrs. Michelle Blake
  • Mr. Trevor Blake
  • CPO Mario Garraway


  • WO2 R. Natalie Williams
  • SSgt Jonassi Swaby
  • Cpl Nicholas Laurendo
  • Cdt Eric Caraballo

** Persons highlighted will be pinned, the others will be mentioned (previously pinned).

CICC Certificate of Appreciation:

(for contribution to the development of the Cadet Corps during the year 2011-2012)

  • Ms. Leticia Huber
  • Mr Peter Huber (CCC)

Commandant’s Commendation

(for outstanding service during the cadet year 2011-2012) Adults

  • LtCdr Robert Sutherland
  • Capt. Phillip Manyeh
  • Lt. (N) Dave Thompson
  • Capt Addae Andrews
  • Lt. Alphanso Gayle
  • Lt. Icilma Cornelius
  • 2Lt R. Natalie Williams
  • PCO Barrington Griffiths


  • WO2 R. Natalie Williams
  • Sgt Leanni Tibbetts
  • Cpl Sherice Williams
  • Cpl Antanika Ebanks
  • LCpl Davor Bonilla

BTEC Level II Diploma – Public Services

Sgt. Kelsie Bodden - Merit
Cpl Antanika Ebanks – Distinction
LCpl Matthew Scott - Merit
Cdt Julisa Dilbert - Distinction